DAY-1; My First Day of Rock Climbing in Three Years

First Day of Rock Climbing in Three Years Equals Sore Feet and a Bruised Ego

Today was my first day back on the rock for over 3 years. It was not a very good experience at all. My shoes were too tight, my fingers were killing me and each time I tried to lift up my body it felt like I had a stone around my neck.

Not only did I feel discouraged, I wanted to immediately go home and sell my shoes on craigslist because they were too tight and I wanted ones that were more comfortable. My shoes were a nuisance, plus I only ascended two routes, both V0’s. I felt pathetic. Climbing was supposed to be fun, at least that is what I remember.

As I sit at home trying to stretch out my shoes and writing this blog post, I am encouraged by reading all the reviews online saying how great these shoes are. I am not sure whether or not this is my feet becoming numb for having worn them for the past hour, but I am beginning to hope that they will work out.

Day 1 can be summed up like this:



  • My feet feel like they have been put into a clamp
  • Arms are too weak to lift my body
  • Fingers feel like they lost a battle to a grinder
  • The La Sportiva Venoms seem to have the upper hand
  • I am not sure if I want to go through the effort to climb again
  • Jumping off of the back of the boulder was painful


  • I am climbing again
  • I started this real cool new blog
  • My wife is OK with it

I don’t know what is going to happen with my climbing future. But I am glad you came along!


7 Responses to “DAY-1; My First Day of Rock Climbing in Three Years”
  1. Ryan Avezzie says:

    your the man brotha. keep on climbing. everything that is difficult can only get easier as time passes. as long as you stick with it. remember when i brought you out to taco bell beach in pacifica for your first time, and now look at you getn barrel pics at jalama. thats how we roll right?

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