Get Back Into Rock Climbing?

Get back into rock climbing- that was the thought that went through my mind on the morning of February 4, 2011. It had been about 3 years since the last time I put climbing shoes on my feet and 5 years since I last climbed anything higher that a V3 and a 5.10. Man, I felt pathetic as I pondered the thought of putting on my “new” La Sportiva Venoms, which I had only 3 times before, and realized that breaking in these shoes was going to sting more than the big fish that killed the Crocodile Hunter. I had only one thing to do, put these climbing shoes- rated number one for kicking ass by Rock Climber Magazine- onto my unspoiled feet and hope that the measely V0+ that I was going to attempt to climb that day would not be too rough on my keyboard seasoned hands.

At my prime, back when I was attending college at the University of California Santa Barbara, I was known for climbing everything that had an edge. My neighbors and roommates on Del Playa became accustomed to the sight of me routinely ascending onto the balcony of the second story where I would mount the banister as the female onlookers admired my strength. I was also known for running over to the synthetic boulder that was a block away from our house for a quick session or visiting the boulder on the campus at Westmont in between classes and on my 30 minute lunch breaks from working at Mountain Air Sports downtown. One of the more unique stories I like to share from that time period is how I my future wife at the time swoon while I would do pull ups on the living room door jams with my shirt off.  Yup! I was definitely a lot more suited for climbing back then. My work schedule was a breeze, I could climb at a spot that was a block away from my house, or my house for that matter, and I was able to woo my wife by paying more attention to the door jams than to her.

Now, 5 years later, I want to get back into the sport I loved so much, and this blog will document my journey. I am married, living in a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment on the Lower Riviera in Santa Barbara, CA, working 40 hours per week and at 25, I am reminding myself of  the adventure!

Thank you for coming along!


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