Britt Merrick bringing the Gospel Message on Sunday

Thank you Britt Merrick for bringing the Gospel Message today at Reality Carpinteria Church

The Gospel is the answer!
• To the Christian who thinks too highly of himself or herself, the gospel says,

You are a sinner. You are wicked and bad. You have done nothing to earn anything of any value before God. Your efforts to do better and be better than others are meaningless. Even the best things you have done are filthy rags before the Lord. It isn’t about you or what you can do! It is about Jesus and what He has done for you. You are helpless and lost. But, you are saved! And you are more loved and accepted than you can ever imagine.

• To the Christian trapped in shame the Gospel says,

You are more loved and accepted than you can ever imagine! You have full approval! Everything you ever did that was so wrong and wicked has been removed and dealt with and forgotten! You have been washed! You have been cleansed! You are forgiven and made righteous! There is no need to try to impress God, you are fully adored.

– Britt Merrick How to be a ‘Good Christian’ and other religious nonsense– The Gospel Por Vida

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