DAY 2; Breaking in my shoes and other worthless nonsense

Breaking in the Venoms

Today I spent much of the morning and some of the afternoon heating up my La Sportiva Venoms in the sun hoping that the heat would allow the rubber to become more pliable. After going back and fourth from the sun to my taped feet, the Venoms still felt tight although at times I was able to pull them around my heel whilst keeping my toes pressed into the position I wanted the shoe to form too. Unfortunately, this left my feet burning and a blister formed on one of my toes. With this said, I was reading through some reviews on of the Venoms and found the following Review:

I absolutely love this shoe. For a slipper, it edges incredibly well (my previous shoes slippers were the Cobras and the Five Ten Moccasyms) without sacrificing sensitivity. It’s aggressive last performs really well on steep terrain, and it makes front-pointing into pockets and accurate footholds a breeze.

My only problem… however, the break-in period is INCREDIBLY PAINFUL!!! I have to sit at home and wear them on-off at a substantial amount of time before I even start to climb in them.

Not only was it a reassuring review about the slipper, but it also recognized the fact that these shoes are going to take a ton of effort to break in.

Healing my Toes – Using Neosporin and Bert’s Bees Hand Salve

It would be wonderful to be able to just get out there and climb; However, like everything else in life, climbing takes patience and healing. while I am in the process of breaking in my climbing shoes, I am having to consistently put Neosporin on my feet. I have found that it is soothing and has actually healed the sores quick enough for me to be able to continue the break in process. I will do this until I am able to swing by to purchase some Bert’s Bees Hand Salve. From what I can remember, this product allowed me to keep the calluses on my hands without allowing them to get too rough but also not too moist. I am figuring that this will help me to toughen up my feet while I am breaking in the shoes instead of moisturizing them which I feel is what the Neosporin is going to do.

I will wait and see how all this pan’s out. I was reading a few blogs that said I could go to a mountaineering shop to have them stretch out my shoes which I am considering.

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