Day 5; Indoor Climbing when there is Rain and Snow in Paradise

Santa Barbara Outfitters

Stormy Weather makes for an indoor Climbing Opportunity in Santa Barbara

With the weather forecast telling us to expect somewhere around 6 inches of rain in Santa Barbara, any hopes of climbing outdoors this weekend were put on hold. Even with a forecast for the coming week predicting a few days of sunshine, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to get outside to climb.

Sandstone is the predominant rock type in Santa Barbara and becomes extremely saturated with water when it rains and is prone crumble for the first few days afterward until it is given time to harden. A good rule of thumb is to wait about 1-2 days before climbing for every day that it rained. Currently I am counting about 4 days of rain, 3 days of expected sunshine and then 3 more days of rain which will halt any climbing plans for the rest of the month. So instead of sitting around the house all day, I decided to grab my La Sportiva Venoms and 5 bucks then head on over to Santa Barbara Outfitters to climb on their bouldering wall.

Climbing on The Indoor Bouldering Wall at Santa Barbara Outfitters

The Climbing Wall at Santa Barbara Outfitters is a good size wall considering the fact that it is located in a retail store and it offers some fun problems. Although it does not offer the same kind of variety that you can find in a large climbing gym or at one of the outdoor bouldering spots, it is located in Downtown Santa Barbara at 1200 State Street and is a very convenient location to get to. The cost to climb the wall is only $5 and requires you to sign a waiver the first time you go to climb there.

One of the lessons I have learned as I endeavor to Get Back Into Rock Climbing is that I am not as fit as I was 5 years ago. Even when I was warming up on the Santa Barbara Outfitters Climbing Wall my arms quickly became pumped. Although I pushed myself and tried to ignore my lack of strength, I had a difficult holding on to anything that was not a jug. Taking into consideration that I needed to have more arm strength I went to Big 5 and bought a new pull up bar. I figure that doing some pull ups everyday will help me reach some of my climbing goals.

Thank you for coming along,


Ps. We were visited by some random Chicken that was splashing around in the puddles on our sidewalk this morning. I am going to call him Hueco.

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