Suffering from a mild form of Bloggers Block

What Happens after Years of Writers Block

What is Bloggers Block

I think that everyone who writes or suffers from the scourge of blogging eventually has a day where they do not know what to write. In the traditional sense of the term, they have called this vexing tormentor “Writers Block.” However, this term does not apply in the world of online web logging and should more appropriately be called “Bloggers Block.” I now realize that Bloggers Block does not stem from the absence of useful events to blog about, rather the inadequacy of the writer to deliver this information in a way that is satisfactory.

There is some kind of void between idea and reality that the web logger tries to portray as he attempts to write. Never mind the pictures of a waste basket full with crumpled up pieces of paper, a blogger spends his time somewhere between the space bar and backspace without any real progression in his creation.

Rainy Day in Santa Barbara

A Rainy Day for a Writer – I mean Blogger

This is the way I felt yesterday as I prepared to write about the events of a rainy day in Santa Barbara. With snow in the mountains, an expected 3 inches of rainfall and waking up to a chicken hanging out on the curb in front of my apartment, there was plenty to write about but the rain was interfering with my creativity.

Uninspired, which I am confident was a direct result of the rain, I conceded to my lack of creativity and spent the remainder of the evening stuck on how I would like to deliver the results of my eventful Day 5. I decided that taking a break from the page was the best way for me to become re-inspired. Now that I am back in the groove, I completed my post about Climbing at Santa Barbara Outfitters and am prepared to have more Adventures in Paradise.

Hang Loose.



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