Day 9; V3 Project Completed

Completing a Project at the Westmont Boulder in Santa Barbara

I know, V3 is small beans, but three years ago, I briefly got back into climbing after a couple years hiatus. During this time, I was working on a V3 boulder problem at the Westmont Boulder called Shoes of the Fisherman. The problem starts off crimpy, moves to a large Hueco and then more crimps and slab to top out. I struggled with this problem a few years ago, and one of my goals when I decided to get back into rock climbing was to send this problem.

On Sunday, I made my charge at it. After a few warm up laps on Logos– V0 and Elmer Gantry– V2, I moved over to Shoes of the Fisherman and tried my luck at the problem. For some reason, this problem loomed large in my mind for the longest time and I had always wanted to make a point of it to send this project. My first few attempts on Sunday failed because I was quickly losing balance at the crux-the same issue I was having 3 years ago. After a couple of shots at it, I reassessed my foot placement and had another go. Not only did I do it, I sended the problem with ease making my former efforts look feeble and nearly meaningless!

After my first ascension on Shoes of the Fisherman, I did it two more times just to make a point that I had finished the project.  This was definitly a milestone in my climbing progression to this point, although small, it is encouraging me to begin to project the V4 to the left-Luke and then move on to the V5-Honk if you Love Jesus. As far as the Bible References on these names, Westmont is one of the nations premier Liberal Arts Christian Schools, and this rock is smack dab in the middle of campus. There is speculation that this excellent crag was placed here to “tempt would be do-gooders into a life of bouldering debauchery,” but I don’t see the reasoning behind this. For more details on climbing at the Westmont Boulder, please visit the Map of Santa Barbara Rock Climbing.

The experience of completing this project was great and I am eager to send a few more.

I hope you are encouraged to continue projecting!


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