Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Today is not just a day when millions of people don green and celebrate the Irish with parades, green rivers and perhaps a pint of Guinness. It also commemorates the exploits of St. Patrick’s who is remembered for spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. However, St. Patrick’s is also a reminder that we have officially transitioned from Winter into Spring and through the tangled mess of ropes, carabiners and pro, Climbers are preparing for the season.

Explore: To investigate systematically; search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery. St. Patrick’s eagerly searched throughout Ireland for Christian converts and was tireless in his sharing of the gospel. As we transition from Winter to Spring, make a plan for yourself to climb at different crags that you have never touched. Climbing is all about exploring yourself and the areas that surround you. Although St. Patrick’s was not Irish, he left his home in Britain into a land that had never been exposed to the message he brought. He reminds us that with a bit of luck, exploring new destinations can produce results that are more satisfying than climbing the same crag season after season.

I am getting stoked! Echo Cliffs, The Playground, Gibraltar Rock, Bunker Hill provide some of the best sport climbing in the area. Where are you amped to explore?


One Response to “Shamrocked”
  1. magic ed says:

    Winter, Spring, whatever; many of us climb year-round.

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