Day 12; Bouldering At Painted Cave Road

The Painted Cave Road Bouldering Area So, I just had a new neighbor move into the apartment above mine and it worked out perfectly that he so happened to be a rock climber. SO STOKED. My whole dilemma of finding partners in Santa Barbara has now turned into a fiesta of people I can go … Continue reading

Day 11; Gear Placement Clinic and Lead Climbing at the Sespe Gorge

Last Saturday, I spent the morning driving 2 hours back to the Sespe Gorge with a few climbing partners – Bruce, Trevor, Tim and Leta- for a Gear Placement Clinic. Sespe Gorge Location The Black Wall at Sespe Gorge is one of the best multi-pitch crack climbs in the Tri-County Area. It is located about … Continue reading

Day 10; Big Bear Trip report

Some people hear Big Bear, plus 2 feet of recent snowfall, sunshine and a five hours break between meetings and think of a nice little powder day. However, I saw the weather report for clear sky’s, the schedule for Saturday as an opportunity. This weekend, I attended a Men’s Retreat through my church up at the Calvary Chapel … Continue reading