UCSB Climbing Wall

He was nice enough to let me take a picture of him

Good ole’ UC Santa Barbara. The University

that brings the Gaucho to the central coast and draws 20,000 students per year to the shores of Del Playa in Isla Vista.

As a UCSB Alumni, I am proud of being able to call this campus my Alma Madder, what is equally as exciting was the completion of the Rec Cen II in 2005 which included the construction of a 30′ high climbing wall using ENTRE PRISES Imprint System.

Located in the heart of the UCSB campus, the UCSB Climbing Gym boasts a 10 foot high bouldering wall and a three sided 30′ wall. Routes are changed frequently and their are also two cracks – one located in the corner and one on the Front Face rated at a 5.11b. Climbing at the UCSB gym is free to all students who dare to ascend its lofty faces.  Otherwise, the cost is $12 for a day pass which gives the general public unlimited access to all of the gyms other amenities – including a large weight room, racket ball courts, swimming pools and a roller hockey rink.

For all you takers beginning your next semester at UCSB, enjoy yourself and stay safe as you gain some insight into the world of climbing debauchery.

WARNING: Parents, if you think the streets of Del Playa on a Friday night will defile your student, please do not forget about the potential that climbing has to take it one step further

And hey, you may be lucky enough to run into some of Santa Barbara’s very own superstars.

UCSB Climbing Gym


UCSB Climbing Wall Face Seam

Peggy Oki on the Face Crack - 5.11b (Burly climb)

Please visit Peggy Oki’s web page and support her efforts to bring awareness to our coastal wildlife and friends: http://www.peggy-oki.com/

He was nice enough to let me take a picture of him

UCSB Climbing Wall

UCSB Climbing Gym

Crack climb at UCSB Climbing Gym

Bouldering at the UCSB Climbing GYM


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  1. […] at the gym – Tyler, Luke and the only female member of the 70′s Zephyr Skate team Peggy Oki; my neighbor – Jeremy; through friends – Tom Shank and Bobby LaRue; or my College […]

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