Day 51; With the Determination of an Eagle – V4 Boulder Traverse Project Completed

We did it! It took long enough and required our mental stability to be tested at times, but Tom and I have vanquished the once confounding V4 Boulder Traverse , “Fight the Devil and Pray” at the Westmont College Boulder – seen in the video below. Motivated by the fact that my wife (9 months pregnant at the time) decided to come and watch us, and focused with the determination of an eagle, I completed the traverse, followed immediately by Tom who apparently did not want to let me enjoy the satisfaction alone.

What was amazing about the session, was not just the completion of the traverse, but I was also able to finish another V4 boulder problem – Luke – with moves that seemed so awkward that I have given up on even attempting it and Tom found another Traverse project that will be just as titillating.

Now, with a little baby boy barking the orders around my house, I have not been able to get out to climb much. However, like an old friend once told me, “it is easier to update a blog about climbing when you are not actually climbing.”


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