Milk Brains at Vertical Heaven

“Is there something you can do on Friday with the guys?”

This is one of the greatest questions a married man can ever be asked, even more so when that man is also a Daddy. When I heard this question come out of my wife’s mouth this week, my first thought was “heck yeah, I am going climbing!” I proceeded to call the boys and get them to rally around one idea, to climb at Vertical Heaven in Ventura, CA.

Vertical Heaven Climbing

Little did I know that Thursday evening, I would get a horrible night of sleep and climbing at Vertical Heaven was so exhausting that I began to say things like “you guys take too much long,” and forgot to remove my chalk bag when I was in the car getting ready to leave.

My climbing partner Trevor appropriately called this syndrome Milk Brains when describing how the week before I thought my belay device was stolen and  borrowed his device for the day when I finally realized that it was really in my pocket when we were hiking back to the car.

Milk Brains can be defined as the deterioration of short term memory over a period of a few months caused by midnight feedings and a crying baby.

Although my climbing was not up to par on Friday night, I still had a great time and even brought my new camera to film some of our misadventures. Please enjoy:

Happy Adventures!


2 Responses to “Milk Brains at Vertical Heaven”
  1. Shank says:

    Haha, awesome. Nice job on your first edit Milk Brains. I enjoyed it. Climb soon before too much long passes!

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  1. […] my pocket when we were headed for the parking lot. Trevor appropriately started calling me “milk brains,” which became my pseudonym for the next few climbing […]

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