“In Your Dreams”

Alex Huber - La Rambla

“In your Dreams” – Defined by Urban dictionary as sarcastic way of responding to – or interrupting – someone who is busy telling you about their master plan and all the unrealistically fantastic things they think will happen to them. By using this expression you are suggesting the only place their desired outcome is likely to happen is in their dreams. 

If you are a dreamer like me, your dreams are often filled with the activities you are involved in, but you never actually accomplish anything cool in the dream? Such as catching a huge barrel at Pipeline, landing a Rodeo 540 on your snow skis or climbing La Rambla (5.15a) in Spain.

Instead, I generally find myself standing on the beach watching perfect waves trying to figure out a way to get out, or spending the night before a redpoint attempt tossing and turning while I visualize the execution the crux, almost taunting me while I try to rest.

Everyone has hopes and aspirations, recently I learned of someone who has a five year plan to go from a 5′10, 205 pound beginner to climbing Realization (5.15a)- The Road to Céüse. While some of these fantasies are not entirely realistic, the goals and accomplishments that motivate our lives are something that mankind could not exist without. The idea of success and failure, achieving something so excellent that we will make sacrifices for it has defined us since the beginning.

Silvian Millet at the Crux

I think saying “in your dreams” is something a bit misleading. I have only had one dream where I was actually floating through the moves on an overhanging highball V6. Rather, the ‘fantasies’ we have are only something that we can realize if we use them to motivate how we prepare for the future.

So, here is to dreaming big in 2012! What are you motivated to do this year?


10 Responses to ““In Your Dreams””
  1. Ian says:

    Your Thailand picture is pretty much the definition of a tattoo idea i had

  2. crrombough says:

    OK, that route La Rambla, can you get more aesthetic?!?! Also, where is that limestone at in the top pic?

  3. LOVE this post! Totally motivational.

    As the father of a teen climber, my goal is to get in shape and to be able to climb more with my son. As it is now, I can’t climb hardly anything, so struggle with easy bouldering problems and belay a lot.

    I like just being with climbers and, especially outdoors, a day “climbing” is a day in a beautiful place, not matter how little climbing I do.

    But, I’d still like to be more engaged.

    • SBClimber says:

      Thank you! yes, it is so amazing to be outdoors, and even greater when climbing since there is often a better view from the top. I am sorry you are unable to climb hard, but any climbing is enjoyable, even if it is a 5.7.

      Keep having fun and going for it.

  4. I’m motivated to climb as much as possible since I was out all last season due to injury. Getting off the couch and climbing any grade is pretty sweet!! But specifically, to climb all of the “easy” climbs in Yosemite 🙂 5.0-5.9-ish

  5. Ed Wright says:

    Your last couple of posts have been excellent. Keep it up.

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