Little Pine Mountain:19 Miles; 3300′ elevation gain; 12 Mile Climb; 7 Mile Descent; 4 MPH Average Speed

This weekend, my neighbor Seth and I went for my second ever Mountain Bike Ride in the Santa Ynez Recreation Area. We started in the Upper Oso Campground at 1,093 feet and made our 12 mile climb 3,300 feet to the peak of Little Pine Mountain. There was nothing Little about this ride, the climb … Continue reading

Pulling Plastic for Life

After a few weeks of climbing primarily in the gym, I finally had the chance to head outdoors this weekend for an evening bouldering session with the Shank. We projected a couple of high ball V3’s including Heavy Traffic where I chickened out on the top out – but seriously, when the guide-book says “difficult climbing to a … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day Adventurer

Valentine’s Day, hummmmm, I have never really completely understood what is is all about.  I mean, do we really need to set aside a day every year where we are supposed to share the love? Isnt that something we should be doing everyday? We’ll, I guess it is another Holiday where we get to eat junk and … Continue reading

When family comes first

Climbing Partners Daughter just hanging out

Will I ever be able to climb again? AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Before my son was born, this question was haunting my mind with increasing trepidation the closer we got to his birth date. I knew I was ready to be a father, but I did not completely understand what that would be like. A fear of the unknown was propelled … Continue reading