Video Fridays: Buildering to the Extreme

Every climber can relate to walking around town or driving through scenic areas and imagining themselves scaling the sides of a local building or the spires just off the Freeway. In surfing, they have a term to describe this: ‘mind surfing,’ visualizing yourself riding a perfect wave that you see in a picture or while checking the surf.

I imagine climbers would call this ‘mind climbing’ but it just does not invoke the same feeling. Just like a surfer, climbers will look at just about anything and think, “yeah I can climb that.”

It could be the church down the street with large sandstone walls or the side of the local Vons that would make the perfect evening bouldering wall. Buildering takes a sport that is usually done in the mountains and brings it into the urban center. One group of climbers has taken this to the extreme, which is the inspiration behind this weeks Video Friday movie Mammut Teamtrip Urban Climbing:

Happy Climbing!


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