In the days of ole’

It seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t, when you think about how time is endless, kind of like this sentence – it keeps going and going and going – without any real end in sight, almost as if the author was trying to make a point about something by had not quite figured out the point he was going to make. Ok, there! the sentence is over.

I had the joy of being raised by extreme(ly) active parents. They had met as ski instructors in Tahoe, where some love-making occurred, and a couple years later I was being primed at the ripe ole’ age of one to start skiing. My Dad had been an avid climber when they lived in Tahoe, making trips out to Lovers Leap and Eagle Creek, but stopped climbing the year I was born – ahem…Whimp! A topic I covered extensively in a recent blog post I made about my own climbing endeavors as a new parent.

Eventually, my Dad started to get back into climbing and dragged me along in his misadventures. Recently, my parents were looking through a box of old photos and found some pictures of me climbing when I was actually good. The first picture below is of me at the Summit of Mt. Whitney after I made my first ascent of the mountain at 9 years old (more Mt. Whitney stories to come soon) and the remaining pictures were taken at Pinnacles National Monument, I am guessing when I was around 12± years old.

Although it seems like forever ago, I still remember my youthful adventures as if they were yesterday and am stoked to have had such great parents who got me involved in things that I would love to do the rest of my life.

Big props to my Mom for scanning these in!

How about that Jacket!?

Yeah Right!

If you dig through your old photos and want to share them with me, I will feature some reader submitted photos on my blog along with other grom shots. Just send me a message and I will put up any picture of you featuring your awesome pre-PBR adventures.

Rock on Grom!


One Response to “In the days of ole’”
  1. Darrell Ross says:

    Glad your mom scanned these. Great pics.

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