Just Got Published in Dead Point Magazine!!!

All those hours I have spent investing in my writing and the countless night of sleep laboring over my craft have finally paid off with some recognition. Yup, you guessed it, after some pruning and winnowing, I have been published in the March-May 2012 issue of Dead Point Magazine.

Ok maybe being featured in the Letters to Ed section does not necessarily constitute the piccanle of success, but I am stoked none the less. Not to mention, I was featured as the Letter of the Month, for discussing the territorial difference between climbers and surfers, which I am both. It touches on some interesting points, although, it is not an allegation for all climbers and surfers, I think it has some elements of truth.

Hello Ed,
In your last issue, you discussed the impact that media has played on the over-popularization of climbing areas and how this has impacted the lifestyle of this sport. A similar impact has occurred within the surfing community, with greater repercussions, over the last 30 years and has changed the sport forever. The reaction of the surf community was immediately to brawl with the newcomers, this was due to a territorial mindset of surfers and them thinking that the waves belong to them. I want to think of the climbing community as a different breed of people that has more respect for people becoming involved in the sport. If you are a climber and want to limit the reasons people climb, first take a look at yourself and think about why you should still be allowed to continue climbing, it is likely that you have had an even larger environmental impact over your years of climbing than the newbie. Then impart wisdom to the person learning to climb that they can pass along. Don’t turn into a rat pack of climbers going around hassling all the people at the crag.
Thank you,

There is a close parallel beween surfing and climbing. Both require a limited resource that is utilized by a large number of people. Like you, I always thought climbers as a group could rise above the territorial attitude. It starts with the individual Neil, you and me. If I ever see you at the crag, I’ll be happy to offer a belay bit if I ever see you at my local surf break I’ll have to demand that you STAY OFF MY WAVE!

Thank you to Dead Point Magazine for putting out such a great mag and continuing to inspire my adventures, and letting me contribute, even if it is was just for a paragraph!


4 Responses to “Just Got Published in Dead Point Magazine!!!”
  1. Shank says:

    I dig it Neil!

  2. Congratulations! Your letter pretty much reflects my feelings on the subject. I was a climber long before I got into surfing and I must say I’ve been really disappointed with the unfriendliness of the sport (not to even talk of localism). And that’s pretty much the same wherever I’ve travelled in Europe and the US.
    Here in Spain the contrast between climbers and surfers could not be more marked. I think Spanish climbers must be amongst the friendliest in the world, every crag you go to you leave from with new friends. Whereas you can surf right next to someone for an hour and they won’t even make eye-contact with you.
    It’s one of the reasons why we’re more into climbing now then surfing (having moved here primarily for the surf!)

    • SBClimber says:

      It is quite a shame. I did score some perfect surf this weekend at a local secret spot and when i paddled out, I jsut told myself that I was going to smile and say hello to everyone. I feel like that is going to be what it takes. I think that is going to be what it takes to liven the crowd a bit. I don’t know, I read a really great article one time about how someone was getting bummed on the noobs who were surfing, they were smiling and having a great time and the local was not even surfing, as a matter of fact the noobs were the only guys in the line up and he realized in that moment that the excitement when you are a noobie is lost, when it really should not. We are all beginners at one point in time.

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