Czech Fenomen Adam Ondra Climbs 5.15c in Norway – The Change

Heralded as the next greatest climber in the world, Adam Ondra has pushed the limits to a level no other climber has achieved with his first ascent of The Change, his project in Norway’s Flatanger Cave. Ondra suggests a rating of 5.15c which would make The Change the hardest sport climb in the world. As I wrote in a previous article, Game Changers in the Shadows of Sharma, it was only a matter of time before this Czech fenomen would continue his progression into the realm of 5.15c and he has succeeded.  The first 20 meters of the route is a mind blowing 5.15a/b, then it continues on through some 5.14d climbing until the 5.15c crux. Here is the clip of Ondra’s First Ascent of The Change.



6 Responses to “Czech Fenomen Adam Ondra Climbs 5.15c in Norway – The Change”
  1. keithnoback says:

    Damn. I like that hold he rests on, and the move he falls off. I wonder if he’s picked out a shoulder surgeon yet.

  2. atoptherox says:

    That’s pretty impressive stuff

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