My Favorite Video for Climbing Technique

Climbing flag

In this 15 minute video, Climbing Coach Neil Gresham covers  three(3) climbing specific movements that are essential if you want to improve your abilities as a climber:

  1. Outside Edge (AKA: Twist Lock)
  2. Flag/ Flagging
  3. Drop Knee

Neil Gresham Climbing Techniques Masterclass is also featured on the videos page of this blog

Climbing Techniques – Neil Gresham Climbing Masterclass

If there is one thing I have learned during my time as an Instructor at the Santa Barbara Rock Gym, it is that, without question, improving your climbing technique is the surest path to becoming a better climber. I have now been consistently climbing non-stop for the past 2 years, and only recently started to push into the level of climbing I have wanted to be at. With all the strength I was gaining, the improvements I have made since working on some simple climbing movements have been so much more noticeable.


In addition to the three movements noted in this video, I would also add the following two general practices as well:

  1. Climbing with straight arms whenever possible – the outside edge is an especially useful tool to allowing you to climb with straight arms. 
  2. Working on your foot placements – Quiet Feet: try warming up with a traverse or bouldering through your gym and work on quietly/slowly placing your feet from one hold to the next. This is also a great time to practice your twist locks, flagging and drop knees. 

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at your climbing when you begin to incorporate these into your climbing routine.

Climb harder!


4 Responses to “My Favorite Video for Climbing Technique”
  1. Steve says:

    Great advice and brill vid. Will be trying these out When next at the wall.

  2. Reblogged this on SykOse and commented:
    @SykOse. Live. Extreme.

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