Any and all videos I find are helpful in my goal to get back into climbing. Also will eventually include some of my more finer On-sights, Redpoints and Flashes.

Climbing Techniques – Neil Gresham Climbing Masterclass
If there is one thing that I would credit for improving my climbing, it would be this – better technique. The following video by Neil Gresham is the best I have found on the subject and is well worth the watch.

On-sight of Amazing Face 5.10a – Mount Diablo

Indoor Climbing Session – Vertical Heaven
Me climbing with the boys at Vertical Heaven in Ventura, CA!

Fight the Devil and Pray Traverse – V4 – Emerson Boulder (Westmont College)
My first climbing video. I used VideoPad free editing software to make this video

If you Thought Your Kid Was Going to be the Next Sharma, Watch This! (4 year old leading 5.10b)

Lead Climbing Safety and Lesson*

*This video does not negate the necessity to receive proper lead climbing training but is the best video I have found on the Subject of Learning how to Lead Climb.

Chris Sharma Inspiration-Climbing Progression

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  1. Here’s a great indoor climbing video from a gym in MA. Check it out!

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