Mt. Whitney and Bishop in a Weekend!

At 14,494 Mt Whitney is the tallest Mountain in the continental US – whatever that means – and I have wanted to return since I first climbed the mountain in 1994. At the time, I did not look at the mountain and truly understand its magnificence or grandeur. I generally felt like it was something that most 9 … Continue reading

Game Changers in the Shadows of Sharma

Chris Sharma has dominated the climbing world for the past 15 years. He began the 21st century by establishing a route heralded as the first 5.15a in the world.  At 21, Sharma’s ascent of Realization was neither the pinnacle of, nor the beginning of his climbing career. He had taken the top seat of the climbing world at … Continue reading

Just Got Published in Dead Point Magazine!!!

All those hours I have spent investing in my writing and the countless night of sleep laboring over my craft have finally paid off with some recognition. Yup, you guessed it, after some pruning and winnowing, I have been published in the March-May 2012 issue of Dead Point Magazine. Ok maybe being featured in the … Continue reading

Never leave the kid’s alone with your Climbing Gear

This is what you have to look forward to when your kid’s friends start getting into your climbing gear! To add to the general dirtbaggery of a climbing lifestyle, check out what my son and his buddy have been up too lately: My buddy recently got this exchange between our 5 month olds and I could … Continue reading

In the days of ole’

It seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t, when you think about how time is endless, kind of like this sentence – it keeps going and going and going – without any real end in sight, almost as if the author was trying to make a point about something by had … Continue reading

Video Fridays: Buildering to the Extreme

Every climber can relate to walking around town or driving through scenic areas and imagining themselves scaling the sides of a local building or the spires just off the Freeway. In surfing, they have a term to describe this: ‘mind surfing,’ visualizing yourself riding a perfect wave that you see in a picture or while … Continue reading

Video Fridays: Jonathan Siegrist First Ascent of Le Reve – 5.15a

I am constantly impressed by the lines that are going up in the 5.15 range. As Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra receive the most attention for pushing the sport to it’s limits. In 2011 alone, there were 19 redpoint ascents at 5.15a/b and although a majority of these were climbed by Sharma and Ondra, they … Continue reading

Little Pine Mountain:19 Miles; 3300′ elevation gain; 12 Mile Climb; 7 Mile Descent; 4 MPH Average Speed

This weekend, my neighbor Seth and I went for my second ever Mountain Bike Ride in the Santa Ynez Recreation Area. We started in the Upper Oso Campground at 1,093 feet and made our 12 mile climb 3,300 feet to the peak of Little Pine Mountain. There was nothing Little about this ride, the climb … Continue reading

Pulling Plastic for Life

After a few weeks of climbing primarily in the gym, I finally had the chance to head outdoors this weekend for an evening bouldering session with the Shank. We projected a couple of high ball V3’s including Heavy Traffic where I chickened out on the top out – but seriously, when the guide-book says “difficult climbing to a … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day Adventurer

Valentine’s Day, hummmmm, I have never really completely understood what is is all about.  I mean, do we really need to set aside a day every year where we are supposed to share the love? Isnt that something we should be doing everyday? We’ll, I guess it is another Holiday where we get to eat junk and … Continue reading