Lost at The Playground with The Shop Girl

Yesterday was the first day in nearly a year that I was able to climb outside. Thankfully, the Santa Barbara Rock Gym has allowed me to maintain some semblance of sanity while I weather the storm of a sweet little baby boy asking for his ‘daddoo’ and the fragrant reminders when his ‘poo poo’ needs changing. Oh, the wonderful … Continue reading

In the days of ole’

It seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t, when you think about how time is endless, kind of like this sentence – it keeps going and going and going – without any real end in sight, almost as if the author was trying to make a point about something by had … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day Adventurer

Valentine’s Day, hummmmm, I have never really completely understood what is is all about.  I mean, do we really need to set aside a day every year where we are supposed to share the love? Isnt that something we should be doing everyday? We’ll, I guess it is another Holiday where we get to eat junk and … Continue reading

I’ll be Home for Christmas – Climbing at Mount Diablo

My hands clutch the steering wheel as we make the grueling seven hour drive to my parents house. The 101 flowed like a snake before us, as the traffic glides North on this Christmas Eve. We were delayed on our normally five and a half hour drive because of the two stops we made to feed my … Continue reading

Milk Brains at Vertical Heaven

“Is there something you can do on Friday with the guys?” This is one of the greatest questions a married man can ever be asked, even more so when that man is also a Daddy. When I heard this question come out of my wife’s mouth this week, my first thought was “heck yeah, I am going … Continue reading

Day 37 or Maybe 43?; Bringing the Millions Who I Hope will Read My Blog up to Speed On My Climbing (Mis) Adventures

First Multi-Pitch Trad Climb

My “Brilliant Plan” for Letting you Know What I have Been Climbing Lately When I started this blog, one of my goals was to have it include a Climbing Journal to reflect the progress I have made in my climbing since I got back into the sport in February. Unfortunately, balancing a busy schedule in addition to … Continue reading

Day 12; Bouldering At Painted Cave Road

The Painted Cave Road Bouldering Area So, I just had a new neighbor move into the apartment above mine and it worked out perfectly that he so happened to be a rock climber. SO STOKED. My whole dilemma of finding partners in Santa Barbara has now turned into a fiesta of people I can go … Continue reading

Day 10; Big Bear Trip report

Some people hear Big Bear, plus 2 feet of recent snowfall, sunshine and a five hours break between meetings and think of a nice little powder day. However, I saw the weather report for clear sky’s, the schedule for Saturday as an opportunity. This weekend, I attended a Men’s Retreat through my church up at the Calvary Chapel … Continue reading

For The Love Of Climbing

Why do you climb? Is it experiencing the outdoors, exploring nature and challenging yourself, or are you motivated by conquest. Neither way is really inherently wrong; however,  I tend to get overly caught up in overtraining, number-chasing, ego driven mentality and end up taking my climbing too seriously. I know that we all have seasons for … Continue reading

Day 6; Bad Weather and Pictures from Climbing at Gibraltar Rock

Forecast for Climbing this weekend- Not Good! After a week of surfing the Climbing Forums on RockClimbing.com and purchasing a few new pieces of climbing gear, I am getting anxious to get back out rock climbing in Santa Barbara. Some of the more notable spots I would like to get out too are The Playground … Continue reading