Breaking in another pair of climbing shoes! How small is too small?

A little over 2 weeks ago, I received a new pair of climbing shoes in the mail that only cost me $7.93 thanks to a $100 credit I had from TheClymb. After climbing in them for these past couple weeks, I can say, they are crushers! It was almost exactly two years ago that I … Continue reading

REEL ROCK 7 Trailer

Brought too you by Sender Films – REEL ROCK 7 film tour premiers on September 13 with a cast of crushers and crazies! For details on local showings: Enjoy! Enare

Game Changers in the Shadows of Sharma

Chris Sharma has dominated the climbing world for the past 15 years. He began the 21st century by establishing a route heralded as the first 5.15a in the world.  At 21, Sharma’s ascent of Realization was neither the pinnacle of, nor the beginning of his climbing career. He had taken the top seat of the climbing world at … Continue reading

“In Your Dreams”

Alex Huber - La Rambla

“In your Dreams” – Defined by Urban dictionary as sarcastic way of responding to – or interrupting – someone who is busy telling you about their master plan and all the unrealistically fantastic things they think will happen to them. By using this expression you are suggesting the only place their desired outcome is likely to … Continue reading