Breaking in another pair of climbing shoes! How small is too small?

A little over 2 weeks ago, I received a new pair of climbing shoes in the mail that only cost me $7.93 thanks to a $100 credit I had from TheClymb. After climbing in them for these past couple weeks, I can say, they are crushers! It was almost exactly two years ago that I … Continue reading

What I Accomplished and Learned in 2011

It is almost the end of 2011, which means that it is 10 months from the day I decided to get back into climbing. This year has been one of ups and downs, plateaus and some amazing climbing. The biggest event of this year was the birth of my son Ryder on October 28th. Since … Continue reading

Breaking in a New Pair of Climbing Shoes

Breaking in a New Pair of Climbing Shoes For those of you who found this article because you are breaking a new pair of climbing shoes, that sucks. This is because you probably purchased you climbing shoes 1 to 2 sizes smaller than your street shoe expecting that the shoe will stretch to fit like a … Continue reading

Day 7; Climbing Progression and the Vertical Heaven Climbing Gym

Climbing Progression and Training for Climbing Climbing is definitely not a sport for the weak of heart. Although it is a great sport for everyone, progression in this sport is challenging and takes a lot of patience and effort. Not that I am expecting to be climbing like the burly mutant Chris Sharma, but I have been spending as … Continue reading

Day 5; Indoor Climbing when there is Rain and Snow in Paradise

Stormy Weather makes for an indoor Climbing Opportunity in Santa Barbara With the weather forecast telling us to expect somewhere around 6 inches of rain in Santa Barbara, any hopes of climbing outdoors this weekend were put on hold. Even with a forecast for the coming week predicting a few days of sunshine, it is … Continue reading

How to get rid of that “Climbing Shoe Smell”

How do your climbing shoes become stinky This article is an adaptation of a previous article I wrote  about cleaning the Odor Eating Powder out of my old climbing shoes. Many of you reading this have probably found this site because at one time or another you have been embarrassed by a friend commenting on how bad your car … Continue reading

DAY 2; Breaking in my shoes and other worthless nonsense

Breaking in the Venoms Today I spent much of the morning and some of the afternoon heating up my La Sportiva Venoms in the sun hoping that the heat would allow the rubber to become more pliable. After going back and fourth from the sun to my taped feet, the Venoms still felt tight although at … Continue reading