Beginners Guide to Training for Climbing: Build a Base – Become a Mutant!

WELCOME TO CLIMBING! Your mind rivals with instinct as you top out on that first boulder problem. It is an experience that brings back to memory the times when you were busted climbing onto the counters to dip you hand cookie jar before mom and pops woke up. There is much more than a sense … Continue reading

All’s New on the Western Front – The baby, the nine to five and more climbing!

So 2012 has been a huge year for my family. My son just turned 1 year old and I am climbing more than ever, reminiscent of my miseries when my climbing took the back seat to my family, which it still technically does. Back in May I left my positions with AppleOne Employment Services and joined a … Continue reading

I’ll be Home for Christmas – Climbing at Mount Diablo

My hands clutch the steering wheel as we make the grueling seven hour drive to my parents house. The 101 flowed like a snake before us, as the traffic glides North on this Christmas Eve. We were delayed on our normally five and a half hour drive because of the two stops we made to feed my … Continue reading

Milk Brains at Vertical Heaven

“Is there something you can do on Friday with the guys?” This is one of the greatest questions a married man can ever be asked, even more so when that man is also a Daddy. When I heard this question come out of my wife’s mouth this week, my first thought was “heck yeah, I am going … Continue reading

The Climbing Purist

I have always been intrigued by the purist climbers who are avidly anti- plastic. Recently, I invited a few people to crank on some plastic with me at a local indoor climbing gym while the weather was bad. I was surprised at how many people responded by saying things like, “no thanks, I really don’t … Continue reading

Day 8; Sport Climbing at Fire Crags-Painted Cave Road Santa Barbara

Uncovering the Conspiracy to Hide Rock Climbing Locations in California Why does it always seem like finding the trail to go climbing is so much more difficult than finding a trail for a hike. This can be easily attributed to the fact that the majority of hiking trails are labeled while the trails leading to the … Continue reading

Day 7; Climbing Progression and the Vertical Heaven Climbing Gym

Climbing Progression and Training for Climbing Climbing is definitely not a sport for the weak of heart. Although it is a great sport for everyone, progression in this sport is challenging and takes a lot of patience and effort. Not that I am expecting to be climbing like the burly mutant Chris Sharma, but I have been spending as … Continue reading

Day 6; Bad Weather and Pictures from Climbing at Gibraltar Rock

Forecast for Climbing this weekend- Not Good! After a week of surfing the Climbing Forums on and purchasing a few new pieces of climbing gear, I am getting anxious to get back out rock climbing in Santa Barbara. Some of the more notable spots I would like to get out too are The Playground … Continue reading

Day 5; Indoor Climbing when there is Rain and Snow in Paradise

Stormy Weather makes for an indoor Climbing Opportunity in Santa Barbara With the weather forecast telling us to expect somewhere around 6 inches of rain in Santa Barbara, any hopes of climbing outdoors this weekend were put on hold. Even with a forecast for the coming week predicting a few days of sunshine, it is … Continue reading