Beginners Guide to Training for Climbing: Build a Base – Become a Mutant!

WELCOME TO CLIMBING! Your mind rivals with instinct as you top out on that first boulder problem. It is an experience that brings back to memory the times when you were busted climbing onto the counters to dip you hand cookie jar before mom and pops woke up. There is much more than a sense … Continue reading

Lost at The Playground with The Shop Girl

Yesterday was the first day in nearly a year that I was able to climb outside. Thankfully, the Santa Barbara Rock Gym has allowed me to maintain some semblance of sanity while I weather the storm of a sweet little baby boy asking for his ‘daddoo’ and the fragrant reminders when his ‘poo poo’ needs changing. Oh, the wonderful … Continue reading

In the days of ole’

It seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t, when you think about how time is endless, kind of like this sentence – it keeps going and going and going – without any real end in sight, almost as if the author was trying to make a point about something by had … Continue reading

Day 37 or Maybe 43?; Bringing the Millions Who I Hope will Read My Blog up to Speed On My Climbing (Mis) Adventures

First Multi-Pitch Trad Climb

My “Brilliant Plan” for Letting you Know What I have Been Climbing Lately When I started this blog, one of my goals was to have it include a Climbing Journal to reflect the progress I have made in my climbing since I got back into the sport in February. Unfortunately, balancing a busy schedule in addition to … Continue reading

Day 12; Bouldering At Painted Cave Road

The Painted Cave Road Bouldering Area So, I just had a new neighbor move into the apartment above mine and it worked out perfectly that he so happened to be a rock climber. SO STOKED. My whole dilemma of finding partners in Santa Barbara has now turned into a fiesta of people I can go … Continue reading

For The Love Of Climbing

Why do you climb? Is it experiencing the outdoors, exploring nature and challenging yourself, or are you motivated by conquest. Neither way is really inherently wrong; however,  I tend to get overly caught up in overtraining, number-chasing, ego driven mentality and end up taking my climbing too seriously. I know that we all have seasons for … Continue reading


Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Today is not just a day when millions of people don green and celebrate the Irish with parades, green rivers and perhaps a pint of Guinness. It also commemorates the exploits of St. Patrick’s who is remembered for spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. However, St. Patrick’s is also a reminder that we have officially transitioned … Continue reading

Day 9; V3 Project Completed

Completing a Project at the Westmont Boulder in Santa Barbara I know, V3 is small beans, but three years ago, I briefly got back into climbing after a couple years hiatus. During this time, I was working on a V3 boulder problem at the Westmont Boulder called Shoes of the Fisherman. The problem starts off crimpy, moves … Continue reading

Day 8; Sport Climbing at Fire Crags-Painted Cave Road Santa Barbara

Uncovering the Conspiracy to Hide Rock Climbing Locations in California Why does it always seem like finding the trail to go climbing is so much more difficult than finding a trail for a hike. This can be easily attributed to the fact that the majority of hiking trails are labeled while the trails leading to the … Continue reading

Breaking in a New Pair of Climbing Shoes

Breaking in a New Pair of Climbing Shoes For those of you who found this article because you are breaking a new pair of climbing shoes, that sucks. This is because you probably purchased you climbing shoes 1 to 2 sizes smaller than your street shoe expecting that the shoe will stretch to fit like a … Continue reading